Sunday, November 10, 2013

Emily and Nathan vs. the East Coast (www dot Emily’s Thoughts dot com backslash Emily’s Thoughts)

The Grimms are embarking on their next grand adventure! We left this morning for our trip to Princeton and New York City. I’m currently writing this in a word document (or as Nathan called it: Creed’s blog) to post into the blog later. I’m hoping to keep you updated on our adventures, our escapades, and even our shenanigans.

We’re going to spend the first few days with some friends, Liz and Dexter, who are both getting their Masters in Divinity from Princeton and after that we go to New York where we will go ice skating, sight-seeing, get to attend a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, see a Broadway show, broaden our minds at some museums, and let’s be honest, probably reenact the Central Park scene from Enchanted!

 There’s not much to report about our trip so far, except that I’m a terrible packer (so what else is new?) but I AM dominating this whole flying thing! I packed my slippers and some of my own tea (because Lipton is gross and not real tea). So now I’m flying in style. It’s actually a pretty empty flight; Nathan is taking up two seats. Well, three is you count that he’s using my lap as a pillow. Cheers to flying the friendly skies!

P.S. consider me converted. This is my first ever non-stop flight of any meaningful length and it is AWESOME!

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  1. :) Thinking about you and can't wait to hear all about your adventures, escapades and shenanigans!