Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Princeton Girl

Ahh...the end of our Sunday at Princeton and I can barely move...

Liz set the course for our 9 mi. training run this morning for our half marathon. Can I just say that I'm a fan of the flatness of New Jersey? Our average mile time was almost a minute faster than normal, still slow, but an improvement. It was BEAUTIFUL, everything here is. We ran through crunchy leaves, a revolutionary battlefield (which was just a big field, I don't know why I was expecting more), along a canal with the crew team practicing and all up and down Princeton's humongous campus.

Poor Dexter had to work today so we had Liz all to ourselves and after a recovery icing session and some delicious paninis, we wandered all over the campus marveling at the beautiful architecture. I kept asking Liz, "Are you SURE they didn't film Gilmore Girls here?" The pictures don't do this place justice, it's incredible, and I feel smarter just being here.

Princeton has a pretty legit art museum, it's not huge but they had a Monet, some Cezannes, and even a Van Gogh. I wasn't super gungho to see the museum because my experience with UW's museum is that it is mostly a bunch of lame totem poles, I guess that's what the ivy leagues get you!

Our day was capped off with some of the best pizza I've EVER had at a place called Nomads and some ice cream that was quite delicious. They have this weird thing where they don't give out very many liquor licenses in any given county so most of the restaurants are BYOB. I felt kind of strange walking into the pizza place with my bottle of wine... until I saw the table with the Igloo cooler!

Tomorrow I get to attend my first ever masters class. We're going to sit in on Liz and Dex's church history class before catching the train up to New York. First day of school at Princeton, y'all!

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