Monday, December 16, 2013

Emily Gets Crafty

I'm still figuring out this blogging thing, it can feel weird talking to the ether and feels a bit presumptuous to think many people are interested in what I have to say. However, one area I do feel confident in is anything creative. I'm excited to bring you my new projects from time to time and maybe spark some ideas.

I mentioned how writing on this little blog has gotten my creative juices flowing in other parts of my life. The latest outlet is quilling and I AM ADDICTED!

It all started when I saw this. I love all things paper-crafty (scrap-booking is my main obsession) but I really don't like "kitschy" stuff, this alphabet was perfect, very classy.

The best thing is it really wasn't that hard, so without further ado....the tutorial:

What you need:

-Quilling strips  (I used 3/8" for a more dramatic look but 1/8" is the standard)
-A slotted quilling tool (you can also use a needle or toothpick)
-Craft glue
- A shadow box if you're going to mount what you made.

For the letters I printed out a big letter in the font I wanted on printer paper, placed it on top of my mounting paper (a little bit heavier stock) and then traced the outline. The result is an indented outline on the mounting paper underneath.

I chose a strip of paper that I wanted to use to outline the letter and laid it along the outline without gluing it down, creasing and folding in the appropriate places. I then brushed the glue and tacked it down section by section until the outline was done. I really liked the Alena's Turbo Tacky glue because it dried pretty quickly so you weren't sitting there forever trying to wait for the paper to stick.

Next I started curling the paper. It's pretty easy to figure out on your own. If you have a slotted tool you just put the edge of the paper in and start twirling. I placed my thumb and forefinger on the top and bottom of the roll to keep it all even.

When you have rolled the paper around the tool you and slide it off and either let it unspool a little bit for a looser, bigger coil or glue it down right away for a smaller, tighter one.

There are lots of cool shapes you can make besides just coils. I found this website super helpful in trying out some different shapes. I mostly used "S coils" and "shaped tear drops" but I'm sure as I complete more projects I'll branch out a little more.

I found it best to make the coils all first and not glue any down. I didn't have an exact idea of how I wanted to fill the space so it was nice to be able to move them around and play with them. Once you have them situated how you like you can start gluing them down.

I started at one end of the letter and worked toward the other. Here's where the paintbrush and tweezers really come in handy. Sometimes I would paint the sides of the coils to glue them to each other and sometimes I would brush the glue directly onto the mounting paper. Either way works it just gets harder as you get closer to being done (kind of like painting yourself into a corner), the tweezers were nice because you could grab the coils and hold them where you needed them until they were dry, but they weren't necessary.

And just like that, you're done! Enjoy your handiwork...or if not your own, enjoy mine!

A "J" I made for my little sister-in-law Julie

"G" is for Grimm!

When I start my next quilling project (and there WILL be a next quilling project) I'll take pictures as I go and update this post.

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